Message from the President

In our university, we make “Sports For All”-sports is for not only the healthy people but for all - a basic principle and work on education and studies while taking in viewpoints of not only “doing” sports but also “watching “and “supporting” it based on the founding spirit of “the practical study , originality and ingenuity.”

The corona pandemic gave students many constraints in their classes and club activities. But on the other hand, it made progress of digitalization and DX acceleration, and its wave is coming to physical education and sports. Now we can enjoy sports in its original ways and with a lot of cheers returning to fields. Though we started back to face-to-face classes, we must continue on the positive works, so as not to fail in keeping up with the DX waves.

And in our university, we attach importance to make use of these chances-trainings especially in the area of society such as in local communities, companies, professional sports teams and universities abroad-to contact with people both domestically and internationally.

From now on, we will make efforts to have all students lead a full filling student lives by pushing ahead with activities of supports in club activities in junior high schools and its students, cooperating with local communities and companies and enriching lives of the local people, deepening cooperation with four professional sports teams :Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles(baseball),Vegalta Sendai(soccer),Sendai 89ers(basketball),Mynavi Sendai Ladies(soccer) through Academic Partnership Agreements, coping with DX and conducting various overseas training dispatch programs. By doing that, we make use of the characteristics of our university of physical education and aim for the cultivation of highly talented people who can play roles in Contributing in society at various fields.  

Sendai University
Hitoshi Takahashi