Message from the Chairman

Sendai University, the only university specialized in physical education and sports & health sciences in northern Japan, has strived to focus its full attention upon the relationship between physical activity and bodily function since the late 1960s.

Our university has executed its indispensable mission of helping young generation grow as being physically and mentally sound human resources.
The mission is deeply rooted in our educational principle summarized in "Practical Science and Ingenuity based on Originality". This is inherited from Miyoji Hozawa's philosophy. He was a highly respected pioneer in women's high school education in modern Japan. In 1879 he found the oldest private educational organization called Hozawa Gakuen in Miyagi Prefecture, out of which our university grew out.

In his philosophy he indicated, among others, the importance of practicality, dedication and challenge in the higher education.

Sendai University deployed a practically oriented educational method in view of creating human resources in relation to the power of sports.
Sports build character and these can be put into practice every day. This is one of the beautiful elements of sports, demonstrating how these can help human beings to grow physically and mentally. Our university dedicated itself to educating our students in such a way.

Sports teach students how to be creative and expand their best efforts to discipline their mind and achieve common goal and to become sensitive to the importance of dedicating themselves to development the society. Since East Japan Great Earthquake hit Japan, East North Japan needs to reconstruct our society. Sports give us the power of resilience. One of the university's missions focuses on such dedication.

Sports own these unique functional tools to let people on the globe and play together in an open-minded way, thereby share these value with each other.
Sports are self-explanatory tools to enhance to internationalize people among different nationality, races, man and women and all generations. Sendai University has its mission of seeking such internationalization through our university's motto, "Sports for all."

We hope that you will step forward to join us, and reap the many benefits our University has to offer.

Taiji Hozawa, Chairman (CEO)of Hozawa Gakuen,
Special Adviser to Sendai University on Educational Matters