Message from the President

Sendai University is the only university in northern Japan which specializes in Physical Education and Sports & Health Sciences. The university was established in 1967 in view of offering the study of various subjects related to sports science. Since then, the university has rapidly expanded its professional areas of study from sports and physical education to health and welfare, sports nutrition, modern martial arts, exercise education for children, and other sports related topics gathered from intelligent resources. The educational mission of the university is "Sports for All." The ideas of education at our university are based on its notion.

At present, there are six departments with undergraduate programs and one graduate school, and a student population of more than 2000. Undergraduate courses are taught in the Department of Sports Science, Department Health & Welfare Science, Department of Sports & Exercise Nutrition, Department Sports Intelligence & Mass Media, Department of Modern Martial Arts and Department of Exercise Education for Children. The graduate school has one or two year programs with an emphasis on research and the study of sports science.

Our students and young graduates are flying all over Japan and the world to attend various sports competitions such as the Olympic Games, World Championships, and All-Japan tournaments. One such student participated in The Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, as a leading member of Japan's bobsled national team. Additionally, one university graduate became a gold medalist in the pommel horse at the 2013 World Gymnastics Championships held in Belgium. Many other students have impressive All-Japan tournament records in a variety sporting events, such as football, rowing, rhythmic gymnastics and athletics.

Many students are members of university sponsored sports clubs. These clubs are very popular and contribute greatly to the exciting campus life at the university. Additionally, wide-ranging international sports science exchange programs are in full swing at our university. These include a government funded and sponsored foreign exchange program. The exchange programs help to enhance both sports and cultural exchange with students of various nationalities from all regions in the world. Furthermore, these programs help students explore life and develop a meaningful future. Their growth and success are to the benefit of Japan and the world's societies for many years to come.

As you know, northern Japan was struck by an enormous earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011. This disaster caused serious damage to our university's facilities and took the lives of three of our students. Despite such tragedy, our students and faculty joined the massive rescue efforts in the area. On a voluntary basis, we developed several versatile restoration projects including one that promotes health and exercise for disaster victims, the elderly in particular, who were displaced to temporary shelters. This program has continued to be used in shelters with success by maintaining the victims' health. These voluntary activities by the university are highly appreciated by the people they serve.

Through the comprehensive study of physical education and sports & health sciences, Sendai University has the purpose of nurturing a person to be sound in mind and body. These are qualities that are necessary to support the framework of an ideal society, both in Japan and around the world. Our university aims to engage and educate students from all over the world in the study of physical education and sports sciences.

Yoshikichi Abe, President